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Services & Pricing

Our Culinary Services are catered to individuals seeking preparation of meals in their home for 1-30 people. Services offered range from daily meal preparation, catering for intimate events in the clients home or off site. For clients seeking healthy , fresh and innovative cuisine in the privacy of their home. 

We place much emphasis on food quality,presentation, and of course taste. All food products and ingredients are sourced from a selection of premiere local and international suppliers.  We prepare everything from scratch incorporating flavors and cooking techniques from around the world. We place the same emphasis on the development of our culinary team , to provide the highest standard of service , which will ensure that each experience is a memorably delectable one.


  • Four Meals Per Week- $49 / week

  • Six Meals Per Week- $59 /week

  • Nine Meals Per Week - $89 / week

  • Twelve Meals Per Week - $107 / week

  • Dinner Parties - $50 per hour + Food


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Reference Name
Jan 2007 to present

Research Assistant
Reference Name
Aug 2015 to Dec 2015

Camp Counselor
Reference Name
Jun 2014 to Aug 2014

Counseling Intern
Reference Name
Jan 2016 to Aug 2016

Teaching Assistant
Reference Name
Sep 2014 to Dec 2014



M.S. Psychology
School Name
Fall 2016 to present

B.A. Political Science
School Name
Fall 2011 to Spring 2015


Volunteer Experience

Peer Counselor
Organization Name     
Jan 2014 to May 2014

Program Coordinator
Organization Name
Jan 2013 to May 2013

Position Title
Organization Name      
Jan 2012 to May 2012

Teen Grief Counselor
Organization Name
Jun 2013 to Dec 2013

Position Title
Organization Name      
Jun 2012 to Sep 2012

Position Title
Organization Name
Feb 2009 to Sep 2011


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Guillermo Alvarez
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Margaret Oh
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Rain Tilden
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Doug Bolt
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